Deluxe Room

Our spacious deluxe room provides you with all of the essentials and additional space to relax and enjoy a more comfortable stay. Read a book, watch a movie or have a drink while relaxing on the lounge in the cool of your air-conditioned room or relax on the balcony overlooking the sea.

Comfortable queen sized bed will help you get a well-deserved rest and recharge for another day exploring/diving in Timor Leste, while underwater photographers/videographers can clean and prepare all underwater camera equipment, review photos or video at your own large workspace.

Our more spacious family rooms feature additional beds/second bedroom catering for families/small groups.


Standard Cabin Room

Our standard cabins are designed to provide you with the essentials, simplicity and comfort you require during your stay. Featuring comfortable double/queen beds, own ensuite bathroom and air conditioning, our quiet cabins will allow you to relax after a day exploring/diving. Each room also have a small workspace where underwater photographers/videographers can clean, prepare and review photos or videos, or if you choose you can catch up with the outside world on your personal device via one of our WiFi networks. Standard cabins can also be configured with additional bedding to accommodate up to three guests.

Queen Size Bed    |    Private Bathroom   |    Hot & Cold Showers   |    Fridge   |    Air-Conditioning    |    Cable TV   |    Free Wifi      |    Free Laundry Service     |    Breakfast Included